Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The Nativity

Just a heads up to watch The Nativity on BBC One this week. Having started last week I'm a little late in letting you know!

Its on 7pm BBC One from Mon 20 Dec, for four consecutive nights.

Archbishop Vincent Nichols recommended The Nativity on the Diocese website.

It's a touching interpretation of the love between Mary and Joseph - Mary played by Tatiana Maslany, who I hadn't heard of before, captures Mary's purity and calm. Joseph at first comes across as a honest, sweet man - slightly bumbling, but always sincere. If the story were told in a modern drama outside of the Bethlehem setting - it would be akin to a contemporary romance.

There's a sense that a dramatic licence has been taken with some elements of the tale, which is expected. Though Tony Jordan (Hustle, EastEnders,Life on Mars), the scriptwriter, doesn't let the story descend into a EastEnders style family scandal which was some people's worry.

All in all its a cheerful, human portrayal of a familiar story.

Hopefully it'll be a great portrayal of the Christmas story too!


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