Thursday, 7 June 2012

Jubilee and Norton Rose

I’m about as neutral as the colour of Kate Middleton’s favourite heels when it comes to the Royal Family. They appear, to me, to be like a lot of other families in the UK, with ups and downs, scandals and celebrations, but all played out in the gloassy pages of Hello! And on the six o clock news – I don’t envy them (well maybe I envy Kate a bit...)

View from our seats as crowds poured in from the Mall

Whether they are there or not, therefore, has little bearing on my day to day life. So it was with some surprise I found myself queuing up in St James’ park with Dom at 9 am on Tuesday morning, Union-Jack-on-a-stick in hand, pic-nic in the other, waiting to take my seat in the stands in front of Buckingham Palace.

What was I there to celebrate? Half my family’s Irish for goodness sake, from the Rebel County of Cork itself, my ancestors would be turning in their potato-famine induced graves!

Still, being entertained by military bands all day, watching the Royals pass by in those gilded open top carriages, then re-emerge on the balcony of the palace after a huge human wave of red, white and blue had been expertly guided down the Mall, was a moment in history and one I’m happy and proud to be a part of.

Daniel, Stephen and Mathew kicked the weekend off at Newman House’s Jubilee boat party on the Friday night, where almost the entire House turned out looking unusually glamorous to toast to the Queen’s 60 year long reign.

Last night, Wednesday we met with Mike Robeiro, a big supporter of the scheme, at the Norton Rose offices where he is a partner. He gave us a very interesting presentation on Norton Roses’ position in the world of globalized corporations and participated in a lively discussion about morality and ethics in the work place with us, after a lovely meal. Thanks Mike!

View from terrace of Norton Rose offices