Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The Nativity

Just a heads up to watch The Nativity on BBC One this week. Having started last week I'm a little late in letting you know!

Its on 7pm BBC One from Mon 20 Dec, for four consecutive nights.

Archbishop Vincent Nichols recommended The Nativity on the Diocese website.

It's a touching interpretation of the love between Mary and Joseph - Mary played by Tatiana Maslany, who I hadn't heard of before, captures Mary's purity and calm. Joseph at first comes across as a honest, sweet man - slightly bumbling, but always sincere. If the story were told in a modern drama outside of the Bethlehem setting - it would be akin to a contemporary romance.

There's a sense that a dramatic licence has been taken with some elements of the tale, which is expected. Though Tony Jordan (Hustle, EastEnders,Life on Mars), the scriptwriter, doesn't let the story descend into a EastEnders style family scandal which was some people's worry.

All in all its a cheerful, human portrayal of a familiar story.

Hopefully it'll be a great portrayal of the Christmas story too!


Monday, 13 December 2010

Life in Newman House

As we are drawing close to Christmas and we have been on the Catholic Parliamentary Internship Scheme for almost three months, it is a good time to give you a taste of life at Newman House.

The five of us on the London based internships live at Newman House, which is the Catholic chaplaincy centre for the students in Central London. Sixty-two students live there as well as the chaplain, Fr Peter Wilson and the Pastoral Associates, Chris and Kate.

The interns are fully integrated into life at Newman House. We take part in house duties which include singing and reading at mass, preparing coffee for after mass, cooking Sunday lunch, maintaining the blogs and serving behind the bar.

Andrew can often be found playing some tunes on the guitar or the piano and starting a spontaneous sing-a-long. You might find Danny arguing over some details of Conservative Party policy at the bar. Jo-Anne can often be found watching Corrie or Eastenders whilst simultaneously taking part in a theological debate with another member of the community. You will find Naomi, with a glass of wine in her hand, cooking dinner to share with hungry Newman House inmates. And Nick, if he isn't still at work, you will be sure to find him watching Question Time on a Thursday evening.

We are very fortunate to be living at Newman House and very grateful to everyone for making us feel so welcome.

Please join us at Mass which is at 10.30am every Sunday and talk to us at coffee after Mass if you would like to find out more about living at Newman House and the Catholic Parliamentary Internship Scheme.

Naomi Brandon
Public Affairs Intern at CESEW

Monday, 6 December 2010

Photoshoot in Westminster Hall

Last Thursday we popped over to meet up in Parliament for our 'photoshoot'. The scheme is about to open applications for next year (you can find the links here) so after writing our quotes on what we think of the scheme we posed in the freezing cold in Westminster Hall for the CBCEW photographer.

While some of us seemed more at home in front of the lens than others, it was an experience we all seemed to enjoy - and we're all now well practiced in the art of prolonged smiling!

Hopefully you'll see the fruits of our labour on the website soon!

After the 'shoot it was time for a warm tea in the House of Commons cafe, and then Mass in the small chapel off Westminster Hall. Rubbing shoulders with the MPS for a lovely sung Mass was an enjoyable end to our Wednesday.

Until next time.