Tuesday, 17 November 2009

2009-10 Interns

Now well into the fray, meet this year’s interns. These short pieces were written whilst they were preparing to begin the scheme.
Anna Matus
'My CPI experience involves a year working for the Catholic Education Service, particularly in public affairs. Alongside the numerous and diverse elements of the CPI scheme including masters study, work, spiritual growth, community and trips here, there and everywhere, this particular placement also enables me to pursue my interest in contemporary education issues. Having spent my gap year doing youthwork in secondary schools across the country and just finishing my degree in Geography at the University of Leeds, I am looking forward to this exciting next step which combines so many of my interests!

Feargal McGuinness
I think this is a very exciting time to be working in parliament, in a general election year and at a time when the House of Commons is considering electoral and constitutional reform. Working for Steve Webb, MP for Northavon and Liberal Democrat Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, I'm anticipating learning more about economics. I'm looking forward to gaining familiarity with how it is applied in practice to help the disadvantaged. What excites me most however is that the CPI shows us many different ways in which particular groups are working to improve society, so giving us the chance to see the bigger picture of how all these activities fit together.

William Redfern
I’m William and I’m greatly looking forward to working as an Intern with Don Touhig MP, the Labour MP for Islwyn. Mr Touhig is the Chair of the Committee on Members’ Allowances and as such, given the high profile nature of expenses and allowances at the current time, is in a very important and high profile role. I’m really looking forward to being at Westminster and working at the heart of the political establishment, especially in the run up to the next general election. Having just spent three years studying law it will be very interesting to see how laws are made in practice and to see how politics functions in reality. Therefore, I anticipate having a very exciting, interesting and informative year as an Intern!
Hannah Mills
I am really looking forward to starting my Catholic Parliamentary Internship. It is a scheme I have been interested in for quite a while, with its unique combination of political work, study and living together, so I am eagerly awaiting September! I will be working for Conservative MP Damian Green, who is Shadow Minister for Immigration so there should be an interesting range of issues to get involved in. I am also looking forward to the chance to study at Heythrop College and to continue being a student. As an economist, studying ethics and theology will be completely new to me and I am looking forward to the challenge. Finally the prospect of being involved and living in the chaplaincy at Newman House should be a fantastic experience – I cannot wait to get started!
Peter Stoddart

It is a great privilege to be on this unique scheme, working in the Houses of Parliament and in a Catholic context. I will be working for John Battle, the member for Leeds West which will introduce me to important issues such as international development, poverty and housing. Living in Newman House promises to add further enjoyment to this year, with its talented residents and many social activities. I would advise any young Catholic with an interest in public affairs to think about applying for this internship. For me it has just begun, but it has already been well worth it!