Thursday, 2 February 2012

Great Expectations (or Hard Times)?

As the winter’s biting chill braces the Big Smoke, the Catholic Parliamentary and Public Policy interns continue on their merry journeys towards fulfilment (which we are told will occur on 31st July 2012).

The applications having been flooding in from aspiring students hopeful to visit 39 Eccleston Square on the 28th  or 29th March, with the opportunity to join an elite club, a people set apart, a coterie of excellence.

What next year’s applicants will not be doing is applying for an internship in the European Parliament, as this has unfortunately been omitted from the programme. However this has led to an exciting development; 5 interns will be placed in the Houses of Parliament, 2 with CAFOD/Caritas and another one that I can’t quite remember, something to do with press I think? Nevertheless, good luck to those applying and remember ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ (oh and ‘image is everything’)!

After a somewhat baron few weeks in terms of post-work events, the social calendar is hotting up for the current crop. After a delightful meal out for Daniel’s birthday, Stephen’s quarter century is almost upon us I’m sure the celebrations will match the unrelenting enthusiasm that Stephen has for all things Labour.

In an academic sense interesting debates held by Catholic Voices, as well as the Margaret Beaufort lecture series, and Catholic Social Teaching Seminars promise to make the next few weeks both informative and engaging.

On a lighter note, CAFOD began their 50th anniversary celebrations on Saturday with a hugely well attended Mass in Westminster Cathedral. Marie and Dominic were up until the early hours celebrating their employers’ anniversary with a bottle of bucks fizz and a game of Jenga.

It is approaching the time when interns start looking towards next year and what jobs they could/should be applying for. It gives me great satisfaction to offer wholehearted congratulations to Matthew Carson who has secured a job with a Management Consultancy firm, starting at the end of the internship – it should be noted that Alpen and fruit smoothies do not constitute as celebrating this achievement (see above for an alternative). To everyone else there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel - as the old Chinese proverb goes, “if Matthew can get a job………!”

And so to conclude these ramblings, let us take inspiration from our supreme leader Kim Il-Davies; “VERY GOOD, VERY GOOD.”

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